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OLKAS From the Aegean to the Black Sea - Medival Ports in the Maritime Routes of the East’
Group of Activities 3
Activity 3 : Educational Program - Theatre Game

Target group is  12 & 13 years old children.  Education duration approximately  80 minutes.
Number of children for each drama/theatre workshop: 20
Cultural Awareness Foundation reached 95 children at the end of educational program.
Required material for Drama workshop:
•  Name cards which show Port names
•  Object images from excavation
•  Colored papers/cardboard & fabrics
•  Game cards
•  Puzzle created with a ship (shipwreck) visual
Benefits for children
•   Children will know about the common culture between the Theodosius Harbor and other Ports of Black Sea during the Mediaeval times & related Countries.
•  Children will be learning historical importance of Theodosius Harbor / Yenikapı excavation.
•  They will get the information about shipwrecks from excavation

Preperation / begining stage
1st Step:  Children start to free-walk in the place and make a small group according to instructions of educator.
• The groups start to talk what they know and have heard so far about Yenikapı excavation.
• 2nd Step : Children have the cards which the Port names of each Country in OLKAS Project are written on.
• Educator gives some short information about those Ports and Countries. Children trying to predict the port’s places on the map.  After that children start to fix the port name cards on the correct place and they start to ‘puss in the corner’ game by saying port names.

3th Step: Children create a group for each port.
Each of them are told to represent a ship which leaves from the port. or they can be a sailer,captain or traveller. Also educator gives them some object image which are found from excavation. All children act like they are ships sailing towards Theodosius Harbor to meet other ships.
During the impersonation educator provide the below conditions.
•  Children use the object images for impersonation.
•  Saying goodbye to family before sailing
•  Stop by the ports for trading purpose
•  Facing a big storm ( during the Black Sea journey ) by the time they reach Theodosius Harbor

4th Step: Children create a ship with using colored cardboard & fabric.
5th Step: Board Game / Game Cards
Educator distributes the game cards to the children. 
The letter of the object name written on the game cards will be mixed.  Children try to put the letters in correct order and guess what the correct word is.

6th Step: The image of shipwreck is cut and prepared as a bookmark form and they are distrubuted to the children. They try to combine each piece of bookmark to complete the whole shipwreck image. At the end children will keep the bookmarkwith them and finish the workshop.


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