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Cultural Awareness Foundation

The Cultural Awareness Foundation was established in 2003, by the initiation of academics, entrepreneurs, artists, archaeologists, architects and art historians for the protection of cultural heritage and identity. Cultural Awareness Foundation has three main areas of interest: These are;
Culture Ants, Culturel Ants Project is an original/unique educational model developed by a team composed of a pedagogue, a psychologist, an art historian and educators working on scientific data.
Culture Academy, where we conduct seminars and conferences that cover topics in history, art history and other related cultural studies.
Cultural Heritage, where we support various conservation, restoration and archeological excavations to safeguard our cultural heritage.
Mission & vision of CAF
Cultural Awarenes Foundation aims at promoting the material cultural heritage in Turkey with an awareness of its multicultural structure. It acknowledges the diversity of these cultural assets as a common human heritage both for the Turkish society and the world, and targets to become a model institution on cultural awareness
CAF has a mission to transmit the cultural and historical heritage to the next generations in its most accurate version which respects historical-cultural continuities and mutual borrowings. It also commits itself to the promoting of social sensibility and awareness on the conservation of historical and cultural assets.
Contact Details
Name: Secil Erden
Address: Barbaros Bulvarı, Pınar apt. no: 163, D: 7 , 34349 Balmumcu, Istanbul, Turkey
Telephone: +90 212 347 24 25
Fax: +90 212 347 24 26

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